Conchita inside the pure air technology bubble Conchita Martinez started her sports consultancy firm with the purpose of helping athletes and companies achieve their dreams and grow exponentially. As a pro tennis player, athletics have always been a great motivation for Conchita. Driven by her passion, knowledge and experience, she collaborates with individuals and enterprises so that together they can achieve their goals.

Her consultancy firm was founded with the objective of expanding the possibilities of an athlete or a company through the establishment of synergies that derive from more than 20 years dedicated to the elite sport of tennis.

With this objective, one of the first consultancy projects has been the support of a new technology with multiple benefits for the sports realm, the pure air bubble, a product Zonair3D Company. The pure air bubble is the first portable space in which it is possible to breathe 99.995% pure air of continuous regeneration, free of contaminating particles, viral, bacterial, and allergens. Athletes such as Rafael Nadal and the Spanish team of the Davis Cup include this method in their daily training regime, due to its multiple benefits in training and the recovery of athletes, such as the prevention of asthma, increased performance and the ability to concentrate, the decreasing rates of lactic acid (22%), and glucose (10%) and a more quick and efficient physical recovery among other benefits.

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